Ok, Here I go!!!

I have been aching to start this blog for over a year now but I am not a ‘computer’ person.  I’ve been trying to figure out how to film and post and pin and etc.  You know what I mean! I have some beautiful creations to bring to you to get your creative juices flowing; to inspire your creativity.  You can create exactly what I’ve done but if you’re like me you will take bits and pieces and let them lead you to your very own unique designs.  I get so much satisfaction and joy from papercrafting.  I just had to throw it out onto the world and hope even more people will catch this infection!!

I have be crafting all of my life!  (as soon as I could hold a crayon anyway!). I can remember heading into my Grandma’s house in Queens, NY where I would be surrounded by adults for hours with only my ‘busy bag’ to keep me occupied.  And occupy me – it did!  I can remember bringing all kinds of paper and paints, play-dough, pencil-coloring by number sets and those boxed sets with the colored pebbles and string. Does anyone remember those??  An image was printed on cardboard.  You glued the string down to the black lines with the glue provided.  Wait for that to dry a bit and then spread glue into a corded off section.  Then little tiny colored pebbles was poured over the glue.  It was so fun.  I can’t even imagine how many of these little pictures my Grandma displayed throughout her house over the years!! I wonder if they still make these kits!?  Anyway, from child crafts, to teenage sewing and drawing to adult home decorating, scrapbooking and card making, I am still at it!  I still love it!  I’m not loving, however, learning this process of electronic media.  I am so excited to get my word and crafts ‘out there’ but am struggling with the process.

Yesterday I filmed a card tutorial only to find out the lighting was terrible.   Today I will give it another go with another project.  Then, of course, I will have to figure out how to edit, voice-over the instructions, download it to my computer, post it on social media, get it onto this blog and on and on.  (If anyone can offer some tips, it would be much appreciated) It will be a major feat for me.  I don’t know how long it will take or how much time will be involved or if the project will still be relevant by the time it’s posted – but here goes!!!!


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